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About The Wellness Universe

The Wellness Universe Community is the only online community and business support center, all in one that supports wellness professional business owners holistically.

Join The Wellness Universe to transform the lives of wellness seekers!

  • Organizations hire us to lead wellness programs.

  • Individuals connect with you through your content and workshops.

  • Your professional influence and opportunities grow through your community involvement and peer network.

  • Your trust and influence growth happens as a content contributor, collaborator, and partner.

Within the realm of wellness, The Wellness Universe stands as a haven for exceptional professionals within the fields of health, wellness, and overall well-being. Our foundation lies in a community united by trust, where members uplift one another. This is not just a community; it’s an accredited sanctuary. Our mission is to nurture both personal and professional growth for coaches and practitioners in health, wellness, and well-being, providing avenues for peer connection, self-evolution, business expansion, communal engagement, and beyond.

The framework of The Wellness Universe platform is meticulously crafted to empower our members and extend that empowerment to the global community, focusing on seven key dimensions of wellness: Environmental, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual. Whether you’re a seasoned industry leader seeking to amplify your impact on a global scale or embarking on your first steps, The Wellness Universe equips you with the launching pad and the community needed to not just thrive, but flourish.

Enrolling in The Wellness Universe translates into a transformative journey, elevating both your personal life and business pursuits. Your dedication to wellness finds not only recognition but also comprehensive backing, emanating not just from our platform but from the community as a whole. This isn’t merely a network; it’s a dynamic tapestry of authentic individuals like no other.

Membership Tiers:

World-Changer Member: This entry tier is open to all qualifying applicants who share our values.

Premier World-Changer: By meeting additional criteria, you will unlock the Premier level application. An extended application appears once the criteria are fulfilled.

Select World-Changer: This elite tier is attainable through invitation only, extended by qualified Premier members. Following enrollment in Premier membership, your profile will be personally reviewed by a member of our Senior Team and upgrade will be automatic with nothing more to fill out or invest.


Membership Benefits & Opportunities:

  • Inclusion in our searchable directory of professionals with a personalized profile

  • Get published on our Featured Blog showcasing 1 article and member per day 

  • Hold Classes, Workshops, Support Groups, Panels, etc., in The Lounge The Wellness Universe Learning Platform 

  • Be a Best Selling Author! Opportunity to be in our #1 International Best Selling Self-Care book series

  • Monthly networking and Masterminds supporting your personal and professional development 

  • Peer support: Connect to professionals like yourself for support, projects, collaborations

  • Be found by those needing your expertise

  • Speaking and teaching opportunities

  • Interview opportunities

  • Participate/Vend/Speak at live events, workshops, and conferences, like SoulTreat, produced and hosted by The Wellness Universe

  • Social media exposure

  • Gather in our H.U.B. Private Member Groups

  • Post to our newsfeed

  • Check out the Member Benefits Chart

Meet Our Founder:

As part of The Wellness Universe, you’ll be guided by our founder, Anna Pereira, a leader and seasoned connector in the wellness world. Anna fosters this community with authenticity, passion, and a purpose to help the community grow and evolve; to help you reach the bigger vision you have for yourself, your business, and your legacy.

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Additional Information & Application

WU World-Changer Application – Apply HERE in 2024

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon approval, you will have the opportunity to fill-in your profile. Your profile IS NOT PUBLIC and you cannot engage until you purchase your annual membership.

  • Plan on at least 10 minutes to fill out the application. General application must be filled out.
  • If you qualify for Premier Membership, an extended application will open. Please plan an additional 15 minutes to fill it out thoroughly.
  • Apply as an individual.
  • DO NOT apply as a business.
  • Enter your first name and last name as you wish to have yourself represented.
  • This form generates your profile. SOME ITEMS CANNOT BE CHANGED (Like your name). Please be accurate and mindful.
  • Capitalize, check spelling and include title or name you are known by. Ex.: Dr. Lina (first name) Smith, MD (last name).
  • You will receive an email from [email protected] upon approval with next steps.
  • A membership level must be selected to be a member of The Wellness Universe once approved.

What our members are saying:

“I’ve been a member of the Wellness Universe since early 2020 and even in that short time, have been so impressed with all it offers and how dynamically Anna Pereira manages all facets of WU with such grace, transparency, and purpose. Talk about a visionary!

And now as an Expert Leader in the Wellness for All program, I’ve been blown away to a whole new level. From creating personalized graphics and social media event pages for my programs, to handling all the administrative functions of promoting, recording, and sending follow-up reports, the WU team does it all. On top of that, we have Mastermind calls each month where we can bring our questions to Anna and the rest of the WFA leaders to tap into their collective wisdom and support.

My only regret is that I don’t have a parallel 24-hour day so that I can attend more of the other classes in the program. It really is a delight and privilege to be part of of such a powerful, heart-centered community of like-minded wellness-preneurs.

Thank you, thank you to Anna, the WU team, and my brilliant WFA cohorts for all you bring to my personal and professional life!

With love and gratitude,
Deborah Roth – Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Life/Career Transition Coach & Relationship Guide


I have been so impressed with my experience in the WFA Program with The Wellness Universe. The application process to join the Program was simple and straightforward. Anna Pereira and the rest of Team WU provided flawless pre-production and support to me and helped ensure that I had over 100 students in my course. I was especially helped by the Monthly Mastermind that Anna offered, and I was then able to make a more attractive and effective offering to my students. The WU community of leaders has also been powerfully supportive. The WFA increased the visibility of my business and stimulated further growth for it. I highly recommend the WFA Program to anyone interested in participating in it.

THANK YOU! Xoxo Elizabeth Kipp – Chronic Pain Management Expert, Addiction Recovery Coach, Ancestral Clearing Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and best-selling author who is in long-term recovery from chronic pain and concurrent addiction.


  • What were your expectations and how did we meet them in way of: Pre-production, support throughout your sessions, business success support (email, our monthly call, etc.)
    You’ve gone above and beyond my expectations while delivering this partnership. I’ve felt included, highlighted, and introduced to the WU audience and fellow experts in high regard. The graphics and the actual copy written are topnotch and worth $1000’s of $. It’s as though I paid a high-level PR team to edify me and my coaching ability.
    Pre-production was smooth on my end and yet I know there were many tasks to juggle from your end, you made it appear easy. I personally know that many many hours go into course creation, and attracting the right audience to each masterclass.
    I’ve felt very supported by you personally Anna, and the entire Wellness Universe team, the Wellness for all experts have come together as a collective and support each other as well as act as a team. I am loving that collective one for all attitude.
    When I was struggling with getting paid for the hours I was putting in, Anna, you were available to brainstorm and talk through concerns as well as suggestions which were high-level mentorship that I appreciated.
    I highly recommend the Wellness For All Programming as a way of building influence and impact with your ideal audience. It’s a great tool and partnership.
  • What did you find particularly beneficial?
    I am using this WFA programming as a real partnership, a branding opportunity for me to uplevel in the eyes of my potential high-ticket client as well as it provided me with collaborative opportunities with high-ticket coaches and programs. I value the WU and all it brings to the table, I am honored to be branded as a WU expert and I know there is more coming as far as opportunities, collaborations, and experiences that are next level.
  • What wonderful surprises did you experience that was unexpected? I believe what surprised me the most is how held, and supported I felt. The posts, the events created, the tags, and the spotlighting of my events were always top-notch and visible to my audience. I’ve had so many people mention I am seen everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that’s not just the WU and staff, I play a huge role in that visibility as well. But the opportunity to share, comment, and edify the program has been HIGH level.
  • Can you share specific stories of success? I’ve stretched and learned so much just by being asked to update my WU profile and apply for the WU expert branding. Although this is something I do weekly, or monthly in some capacity, to be branded and partnering with the Wellness Universe with +7000 potential students that are already connected to the WU, I wanted to make sure my profile was clear, concise, and attracting the right students to my masterclasses so I could serve my audience to the best of my ability. Numbers have never been as important to me as true transformation. I have to say that’s been super successful and the feedback from my students has been phenomenal.
  • Did you learn through this process of being a Leader that you can implement into your business/life? This is actually a process I take my clients through so for me being on the other end of the enrolment process was a great learning experience. I realized I love concise, KIS method, enough information for me to feel supported, heard and understood, without all the fluff of knowing every detail it tasks to complete such a huge task of launching successfully. I trusted Anna and her team to do their job and I could focus on my part of the commitment, which was to have great content, show up for the WU and the students, share the opportunity to my audience and email list as well as announcing proudly I am a WU expert leader partnering with the WU brand.
  • Has your network and working with other members evolved and enriched you? My community and network continue to expand with each session. I have absolutely loved having the opportunity to get to know the WU members and their needs so I can serve them as wellness professionals READY to show up for their audiences. They truly are my ideal audience, world changers that are ready, willing, and able to step into leadership roles and truly make the world a better place.I’ve also introduced many of my past students to practitioners within the WU WFA programming and that brings me so much joy and satisfaction as well. The ripple effect is real and I am honored to be a part of something so expansive.Debbie Prediger – Empowerment Leader and Business Strategist


We’re excited to get to know you and your business and hear more about what your goals are. The investment you make in The Wellness Universe is an empowering, intelligent choice in your thriving future! We look forward to assisting you!

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