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✅ Am I a heart-led wellness professional with a compassionate leadership mindset?

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✅ Do I wish to be represented as a WU World-Changer and align with The Wellness Universe and its mission?


If you are a wellness professional who supports transformation, health and healing for mind, body, spirit, and planet, and have said “YES!” to all of the above, join us. 


The Wellness Universe is a member-supported vetted community for personal and professional support for health, wellness, and well-being coaches and practitioners to access peer support, personal growth, professional growth, community, and more, while having commercial benefits of representation in our leading online wellness directory, learning platform, publishing, visibility, and more.


Community, Collaboration & Co-Creation


We have three membership levels to choose from that will fit your goals and allow us to work with you best. Learn about our levels of memberships before filling out your application HERE. The key to the success you seek is within the level of membership AND your participation.

Connect, collaborate and co-create in an environment of support.

Be found for your contribution and make the world a better place!

“I recommend The Wellness Universe. There IS no other organization doing what The Wellness Universe is doing–giving people who are working to help others and the planet to live in a state of ongoing wellness to be successful in their jobs and in their reaching others to help them. I’ve been a Premium Member for several years, now, and value what Anna Pereira and her support people have created, and what they continue to infuse with creativity, opportunity, and support. A-mazing!” – Ilene Dillon, M.S.W.

As a WU World-Changer, you’re part of a world-changing community designed to take you to another level in your life and business. Your contribution to wellness is recognized and supported here, not only from our platform, but the community. This is a powerful network of real people like none other!


  • Be included in our searchable directory of professionals
  • Our Featured Blog publishes your articles with a readership of over 3M 
  • Hold Classes, Workshops, Support Groups, Panels, etc., via The Lounge (our Online Learning Platform is included with ALL membership levels) 
  • Be a Best Selling Author! Opportunity to be in our #1 International Best Selling Self-Care book series
  • Peer support: Connect to professionals like yourself for support and projects
  • Be found by those needing your expertise
  • Speaking and teaching opportunities
  • Interview opportunities
  • Participate/Vend/Speak at live events, workshops, and conferences, like SoulTreat, produced and hosted by The Wellness Universe
  • Get social media exposure
  • Gather in our H.U.B. Groups
  • Post to our newsfeed
  • All benefits are listed in your Membership Benefits Chart click on arrows to expand all sections in the chart

What You’ll Be a Part Of

As a WU World-Changer Member, you become an integral part of an epic, member-supported ecosystem, on a platform designed specifically to uplift and empower members and the global community in seven dynamic areas of wellness (Environmental, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual).

You and your business will benefit from your own personalized profile, a network of WU World-Changers to collaborate with, as well as a classified listing in our searchable directory, enabling all seeking your specific resources to easily find and connect with you directly.

Whether you’re a veteran in the industry looking to get your leading-edge content to the masses, or you’re just starting out, The Wellness Universe provides the platform and community to get you launched, supported, and thriving.

As a part of The Wellness Universe, you’ll be guided by our founder, Anna Pereira, a leader and seasoned connector in the wellness world. Anna fosters this community with authenticity, passion, and a purpose to help the community grow and evolve; to help you reach the bigger vision you have for yourself, your business, and your legacy.

Introducing our newest arm of The Wellness Universe, our Wellness for All programming!

Be a featured instructor, guide, teacher, event producer, and more as a Premium Plus member of The Wellness Universe.

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WU World-Changer Application

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon approval, you will have the opportunity to fill-in your profile. Your profile IS NOT PUBLIC and you cannot engage until you select your membership level.

  • Apply as an individual.
  • DO NOT apply as a business.
  • Enter your first name and last name as you wish to have yourself represented.
  • This form generates your profile. SOME ITEMS CANNOT BE CHANGED (Like your name). Please be accurate and mindful.
  • Capitalize, check spelling and include title or name you are known by. Ex.: Dr. Lina (first name) Smith, MD (last name).
  • You will receive an email from [email protected] upon approval with next steps.
  • A membership level must be selected to be a member of The Wellness Universe once approved.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • IMPORTANT: This form will generate your profile. Enter your FIRST and LAST name as you want it to appear on your profile. Your name and handle that appears publicly on The Wellness Universe STARTS HERE. Double check all fields before you submit. Thank you!
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  • Please be sure your email is accurate. Double check it is typo free and one you check often. Please add [email protected] to your email safe list to receive your approval email.
  • Please submit the following:

  • Where can we see a video or interview of you?
  • Where can we see client reviews of you or your business?
    By clicking this box, you understand your submission of this application will begin the review process. We will review what you have submitted and may also research references based on your submission. If approved, you will be notified via email from [email protected] (Please add this email to your safe folder). You must select a membership to be a Wellness Universe World-Changer member. You are required to fill out your profile completely and accurately within the first 30 days upon approval. If you do not hear from us within 30 days, please email us. You are welcome to email us upon submission to verify we received your application. ALL CONTENTS OF THIS APPLICATION IS PRIVATE AND USED FOR SOUL VENTURES DBA THE WELLNESS UNIVERSE TO REVIEW YOU FOR MEMBERSHIP IN
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

We encourage you to mindfully consider the membership level that serves you best. To make your decision easy, be sure to preview our comparison chart below and see what aligns best for your personal and professional goals.

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If you’ve read to here and all this sounds exciting, but at this point you’re looking to learn from our WU World-Changers, and receive support and resources to aid in your own healing and well-being, no problem. Register as a WU Friend and get full access to the customized information and support you need.


What our members are saying:

“I recommend The Wellness Universe. As a WU “World Changer”, I’ve been very impressed with the level of support they offer to us and the caliber of classes and blogs they make available to members. Everyone can benefit from being connected to the Wellness Universe, whether you’re a Wellness professional looking to expand your reach, or simply looking for an endless supply of wellness resources to empower and nurture your mind, body, heart and spirit.” – Deborah Roth


“I recommend The Wellness Universe. If you are in any way part of a Health and Wellness community, membership in The Wellness Universe will enhance both your personal and business life. With the most robust platform available, your success is guaranteed. when you are a member of The Wellness Universe.” – Diane Boyko Achatz




We’re excited to get to know you and your business and hear more about what your goals are. The investment you make in The Wellness Universe is an empowering, intelligent choice in your thriving future! We look forward to assisting you!

We Look Forward to Welcoming You

A WU World-Changer (Wellness Universe World-Changer) can be described as … and a few more details …

Wellness Universe World-Changers positively impact the world with the work you do in at least 1 of our 7 areas of Wellness – Environmental, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, or Spiritual.

As a wellness professional, coach, therapist, doctor, conscious business owner, author, vlogger, inspirer, motivational speaker, activist, advocate, teacher, trainer, health professional, environmentalist, heart-based business owner, alternative/holistic medical practitioner, spiritual advisor or practitioner, musician, healer, preventative care practitioner, etc. OR you’re just so unbelievably innovative that we can’t capture you in just these words, you may ne a WU World-Changer!

Do you seek an established organization and community to give and get support from?

Are you looking for a space to be represented, have your message shared through, and collaborate with peers for greater success?

Then The Wellness Universe seeks you!

We believe in the protection and respect of intellectual property. The code of conduct known as ‘netiquette’ is criteria we follow as we review your application. During your review process, we will look at not only your contribution to the world, but how you present it. Your cyber branding and marketing should be done in compliance with netiquette standards. Netiquette is explained in this article: The Core Rules of Netiquette

Images (and video) are a vital part of marketing online, please see this article: Can I Use that Picture?
WE CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH – Protecting copyrights falls under ‘Intellectual Wellness’ and we strictly uphold this for a myriad of reasons. Your application will not be approved if you have downloaded information, videos and images used to further your brand without proper accreditation.

Your online content must clearly convey information that relates to your mission and purpose through the information you post.