Connecting to our ancestors empowers soul healing and guidance.

Our souls are on a divine mission. We carry forth healing and growth opportunities from our experiences and those of our ancestors.

As part of our life’s journey, we sometimes need to go back into our ancestor’s history to uncover patterns that need to be healed and released. We need to connect with them to create a stronger connection with ourselves and our potential.

When we connect to our ancestral past, we discover opportunities to change the course of our lives. We do this by discovering and completing unhealed emotions, by connecting to the love and light from our roots, and by standing in our own authentic self as part of a lineage but also as a unique soul.

We can also gain perspective, guidance, and support from those that came before us. The wisdom that we can glean provides clarity and peace.

Connecting to our ancestors empowers soul healing and guidance. This is one of the 12 keys you will learn as part of the course I am offering in April.

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