I had a conversation with a friend about life choices and decisions. I have already covered this in previous blog entries, so I won’t repeat myself. I want to focus on our conversation regarding fate and prophecy. With fate, there is a belief that one’s destiny cannot be changed, that the future is set no matter what you do. With prophecy, the future is changeable and situations can be set straight. My friend took the stance that prophecy ruled over fate. He believes that those who are gifted with foresight have this skill in order to alter fate and improve another’s life choices. My stance is that no matter what “gift” is bestowed upon one to see events in the future, present, or past, it is fate that rules and no one but the Almighty can rewrite a person’s life path.

To say that there was a strong argument that lasted for quite a while is downplaying the debate. There was no resolution to our two opinions because it is such a fundamental difference in ideological thinking that there is no middle ground. I believe that our steps are preordained and though we may choose different paths, the results of that choice are already decided. My friend believes that all paths may be altered and relies heavily on seers and those who say they have the gift of prophecy to lead his path. He argued that I also rely on another to guide me and lead my path, only the person leading me cannot be seen or touched. He feels that this higher being is only in my mind and a delusion to assist me in doing whatever I want. Maybe he is correct. In his world, there is nothing but this life and then darkness. In my world, there is this life and then light.

If I take on his argument and agree that I am allowing my path to be ruled as he stated, then I accept this knowing that the one guiding me seeks only good with no payment required. My counter to him is that his guidance costs thousands of dollars and comes from one who is bound to this Earth just like him, mine is free and comes from a place of spiritual peace. Therefore, I will continue to allow fate to rule my steps in life. I have no choice in the matter. I will look inward for guidance and hope that the decision I make lead to beneficial things for myself and others. As for my friend, I will accept his point of view and hope the same for him.

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