8 Ways to Clear Vision for the New Year

It’s a new Year – 2020 – and if the Vision You have is from your heart, then you’ll want to stick with it.             Here are 8 ways to a NEWSTART and how to make it stick.

1.  Make NUTRITION a priority in your life.  Real food is the key to your health.   Your Choices of the right food for your individual body/brain/system is vital for your overall well being.  If you’re dealing with any kind of condition or illness that’s making you feel out of balance, then it’s time to see a holistic practitioner who can help you regain the health and wellness that is yours by divine right.

2.  Whatever you choose to call it do some form of EXERCISE daily.  Indoors when “the weather outside is frightful”, or at your favorite gym or outside at a park when you can enjoy the sunshine and benefits of Mom Nature while you walk, ride a bike, jog, etc.  Stretching and some form of aerobic exercise, (walking up and down your stairs is great, dancing, jump rope, etc.) and do something on a regular basis.  Call it anything you want besides ‘exercise’  but just do it! 🙂

3.  WATER is your friend and vital to your thriving!  It feeds every part of your system:  helps your blood circulate nutrients, lubricates your skin (helps keep the wrinkles away) and joints, hair, nails and every organ in your body.  It is life blood itself – and your blood cells which should look like plump grapes, without it will shrivel and resemble raisins.  I love raisins but want my blood cells to be fat red grape-like!!  DRINK WATER.

4.  Here comes the SUNSHINE and you need your share of that wonderful warming sun. For energy and for life giving photosynthesis that it provides for the great greens that feed us and to feel good!  Get out as much as possible and enjoy the Light, it’s what keeps our planet alive and warm and green and feeds us!  We need the natural source of Vitamin D, not only from the plants we consume, but directly from that ball of beautiful Light in the sky.  Sunscreens are recommended for those with sensitive skin.  Please check www.ewg.org for safe sunscreen products for adults and children.  There are also essential oils that can be used; check with your favorite oil expert for which ones and how to apply.

5.  Something you may want to consider for the New Year is CLEANSING your system from TOXINS.  They are all around us in our foods, water, cleaning products, cosmetics, skin care products, vehicles etc. and are not your friends.   I’ts usually good for most of us to “wash our insides” as one of my Jamaican friends says, about every  6 months.  This depends on where you live, your indoor and outdoor environments,and your lifestyle including what you eat and drink and put on your skin on a regular basis.  There are all kinds of cleanses from 5 – 7 day quickies, to 30 day gentle herbal cleansing*, which is my recommendation.  The 30 day type give your system a gentle yet thorough assist in clearing the toxins that have accumulated if you’re breathing and living on this beautiful planet.  

6. We air out our cars, homes and shoes and we need to bring clean AIR into our bodies and brains.  Breathing deeply helps you process your foods and boost your energy level as it brings needed oxygen into your brain and body cells, which helps you work more efficiently, it feeds your brain necessary O2, and takes our CO2 and gives it to the atmosphere and plants for them to use.  It’s a win-win system.  Taking 3 deep breaths can change your whole feeling and calm you when making decisions or just having a challenging conversation.  ‘Airing it’ gives your brain time to think and your body time to slow down and relax and renew.

7.  There are several things needed to replenish our bodies and souls:  REST / RELAXATION/ RENEWAL
leeping well is essential. When you relax/sleep well, your body uses the nutrients you feed it from brain to toes to repair and renew your tissues and organs.  Our bodies and brains need to relax and replenish and sleep deprivation is one of the most insidious problems we have today.  Have a partner in believing or set an alarm for 10 PM or whatever works for you.  Take a 15 minute breather during the day to refresh your mind and soul.  I took a vow to ‘get to sleep earlier’ last year and promised my roomie that I will – with an agreement to hold me accountable for it.  I feel and think much better now that I get more good sleep.

8.  TRUST in your body, mind and Spirit and the energy of the Universe – they’re all interconnected. What attitudes, beliefs and self-talk do you feed yourself; “I’m gonna get fat if I eat this”…or “this is healthy and will taste great”? Listen to your body and trust yourself.  Trust that part of you we call your intuition, gut feeling ‘still small voice’.   Whatever name you give it, rely on your soul for valuable ‘feedback’ as to what you’re thinking and planning and doing.  If it feels right for you, it will feel good, give you energy, have you sleep well at night, feed yourself well, drink pure clean water, exercise and dance your way through life, enjoy the picnics in the park, breathe clearly and energize your body and brain and keep on doing it for the rest of this coming New Year.   

Clearly, this is 2020 – YOUR year to make the NEWSTART to live healthy and happy!

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