Why Should I Meet My Future-Self? 

Meeting your future-self will have a powerful and positive impact on your current reality and that could lead to creating and manifesting your awesome future.

We all have a past-self. Whether it was the one you experienced yesterday or from your childhood. Your past-self includes everything from your birth up till this moment. When you remember an experience from your past, does it sometimes feel real to you? If it was a powerful experience. you could probably “see” yourself there, in that situation, and you could probably remember how you felt. 

We also have a future-self. That BEing we have not yet experienced.

So just imagine what could happen when you connect with your future-self; you can begin living that future part of you and experience those feelings in your present.

Often we do not give much thought to our future-self. You may never even have considered this. But this is a powerful energy that you can create and tap into. Even unconsciously, you are creating your future-self. The power comes when you consciously and intentionally connect to your future-self.

What future version of yourself will you manifest?

Are you open to learning how to work with energy and your imagination? If you believe that you can create with the Light, in the higher realms, then you will benefit greatly by meeting your future-self. After you connect with this higher version of you, you can use that connection in your everyday reality.

With this connection, your future-self becomes your accountability partner. As you are faced with choices and decisions you can go within and ask yourself, “What can I do that my future-self will thank me for?”

Your future-self can support all of the different areas and aspects of your life.

If you have ever allowed your past-self to run the show in your present life, then perhaps it is time for you to connect to that future version of who you truly want to be. Seeing yourself and allowing that energy to guide you and pull you forward into your desired future.

Your future-self is a powerful and positive energy that can guide you to the results and the outcomes you desire.

You are always creating your future. What you did in your past will manifest or has manifested into your reality. When you create consciously in your present, you know that you will meet up with your future-self, sooner or later. In 3-months, 6-months, a year from now, 10 years from now, what version of you would you like to manifest?

When you meet with the highest version of your future-self you are creating an energy that will guide you to manifest your awesome future. Because your future-self will empower you to focus forward.

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