Soul Connection 103 ~ Peace is the Path 

Although your life may be in turmoil, you have within the ability to stay calm and peaceful every moment of your life. Like any attitude or emotion, you are fully in charge. Can anyone else make you happy? No. You may feel happy, but that is your choice. This is true for all emotions.

In your daily life, an attitude of gratitude will open doors to realms of deep personal peace that you have possibly never experienced before. If you often get upset over small details or things that others say or do, it is likely you would benefit by taking more quiet time to remain balanced. With practice, you have the ability to master emotions to the point where nothing can upset you. You will understand that each person is walking their Path and responsible for their actions. You will be in a place of unconditional love, knowing you are responsible only for the things you say and do.

Within you lies the ability to overcome any obstacle, whether it is a physical ailment, difficult relationship or challenging event. You have the ability to choose what you wish to experience. With your conscious intention and focus on the words you utter, negative thinking and reactionary behaviors, you will mold your life into magic, experiencing peace beyond understanding.

To get to this point of peace, it will take much attention. At first, it may be tedious to monitor your thoughts. However, with diligent practice, you will quickly realize your weak areas and be able to change them. Each habit you master opens new doors of healing. As you change your way of thinking and monitor related habits, your brain waves change as well as the patterns that hold these habits in place. You now have the ability to change the old tapes and re-write new patterns and habits more fitting for the life you wish to live.

Living consciously involves looking at every aspect of your life, every choice you make. Once you are consciously aware of your patterns, you can make the choice to keep them or to change them. Your patterns must be monitored often until your desired habits become first nature. You will then have the ability to remain in peace no matter what circumstances are presented to you.

“There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.” – Gandhi

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