Soul Connection 90 ~ The Truth Shall Set You Free  

Try placing on a garment that is several sizes too small. You will feel very uncomfortable and eventually lose energy as the flow of blood is restricted. This is what happens on an energetic level when you restrict your energy flow by holding onto fears and old beliefs. Once you release them, the energy flows freely, allowing you to think more clearly and to make more creative and healthy choices.

Belief codes are set up in moments that are emotionally charged. The event could be positive or negative. Most codes are created without the person being consciously aware that this is occurring. With the universal law of attraction, what you believe, becomes your reality.

It can be very difficult to break belief codes, for in so doing you will have to accept responsibility for setting up the codes in the first place. You will also have to release any thoughts of being a victim and give up retelling your stories. It will take effort to change the behaviors and habits you have adopted. It will also take courage to replace your old beliefs with new beliefs, for you risk losing friends and making extreme life changes. Until then you will remain confined within your own prison.

How do you move beyond limiting belief codes? One way is to look at an area of your life where you feel dissatisfied. Perhaps it is the way you react to others or a habit you would like to change. Choose one aspect you would like to change. Take a few moments to focus on what generally triggers this behavior. Feel yourself making other choices the next time you are triggered.

Your brain does not know the difference between reality and fantasy. One very effective method to changing a behavior is to role-play your desired action or reaction in your mind. When you have done this often, you will begin to respond in the way you have practiced.

When you create a belief code, your mind will do all in its power to be sure this law is enforced. What happens physically is that the synapses in your brain connects in such a way that you react in one particular manner in similar situations. This can be good for things such as remembering to recoil your hand when you touch something hot. However, it can be detrimental when you will not allow others to get emotionally close to you because you fear they will hurt you like others in the past.

Once you create a belief code based on fear, all other events that follow are categorized by this law. In other words, if you set up a belief code that you are powerless, every experience you have will be filtered through that law. Before long, you will not only feel powerless when you are in the event that started this belief code, you will begin to hold this belief in other areas of your life, as well.

The good news is that once you discover the basis for these codes, you are more readily available to heal the wounds. Like dominoes, once a belief code is toppled, many others built on that code will also fall. There will be no energy to hold them together. However, you will have also created habits that kept the code alive. As you release old codes, these habits will continue until you consciously monitor and change them.

Some deep-seated wounds will take time to heal. Be patient with yourself and others. Everything is literally a thought or an attitude away. If you find yourself dwelling on negativity, think again, moving to a more positive thought. Be brave and have the courage to face your fears.

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