This Universe Recovered my Wellbeing!

I started my journey with the Wellness Universe in 2016. After the one and only Anna Pereira stalked me out on Linkedin, just as she did you. Genius to say the least, I was intrigue who was this glamour girl pic-in it up with Oprah.  Needless to say I watched her posts and read intriguing articles. She was always in my feed.  Marketing at its best!!  About a year after our introduction I started a slow decline in life.  Always stressed building a business raising a child on my own as a single mom dealing with family issues and a very toxic relationship.  I allowed my emotions to spiral outta control.  I knew I needed help after years of self care, therapy and other forms of wellness treatment were just not working.  I fell into a deep depression and was put on meds which depressed me even more. I couldn’t see my vision anymore, I couldn’t reach my goals and I couldn’t help my clients. I was the worst emotionally, spiritually and mentally I’d ever been in my 38 years of life. All I kept thinking was who is going to take care of my son for me. I needed to run away for months just to get myself together and clear my head.  I thought to myself after 3 days of being in the most mental state… the answer is that “Anna” always on my linkedin feed.  Well as I was flipping through my emails there she was with an email, “hello my friend”… she was talking to me. I read more, “please reach out if I can support you in anyway”, “resources for you, emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual wellness.” Last thing that got me, ” How can I support your goals”.  If anyone had the answers and knew how to help me it was her.  She was the one!  She has a picture with Oprah shes gotta know everything.  I truly felt that in my heart. I don’t know why, I can’t answer that it was a thought, and a feeling and I just went with it.  So I reached out in desperation on New Years Eve 2017. Anna answered me in less then 24 hours, on new years day.  That in and of itself speaks volumes of Anna’s character as a genuine caring individual.  Needless to say I knew this was it… I’m sharing my email for all to see the love that actually went into this… ” 

 From: tarriss saurer

Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2017 12:15:19 PM

To: Anna Pereira

Subject: Re: Hi Tarriss 😊


first let me thank you for creating this great wellness group. As I am a wellness ambassador myself trying to mentor teens with positive Nutrtion practices, I fell into a bit of a mess. My emotions and trust destroyed my positive energy and pulled me down into a severe depression! I am finally free from most of the heartache and pain however I need help in restoring my self worth and energy so I can continue helping others.

I am not sure if you can guide me so I can get back to myself and even better then I was before. I’d love to share my story with you and hope for a new beginning!

Have a great New Year and I look forward to you reaching out to guide me back on the right path.


Needless to say when Anna reached out she was one of the kindest humans I have ever met.  Maybe I was so down on myself that anyone would do but… to respond to a stranger that really had a small barring on her life and business is truly what happened.  We were a mere connection on Linkedin but honestly how many of you would ask for help from a Linkedin associate? Her email back was genuine and she wanted to hop on a zoom call right away.  lol if any of you really know Anna, you know what I mean.  Looking back that always makes me laugh. Anyways needless to say my continued venture, Anna introduced me to Shari.  Oddly enough I was just in time for Shari’s BADDASS course starting in 2 weeks.  How did the universe actually set me up like this? I took the course and it lit-er-ally brought me to new levels of life.  I boost about this course often and the mentors that offered their time and guidance,  Julie Reisler, Debi Silber, Denise Poverneck, and Di Riseborough, all a total delight.   I was restored not 100% but enough to know that I had this!!!! I could do and accomplish anything no matter what obstacles came my way. That class was in January 2018. From that class I connected with tons of awesome leaders within this Wellness Universe Community. I did not want my successful uprising to end. I searched I listened I watched more webinars I realized what I had in my hands was gold. This is a network of people that care, that love, and want to see the best for everyone around them.    This made me realize we don’t have all the answers and we probably never will. But within this Platform I’m sure you can find most of them.  My point in writing this was to share with all of you just how special both Anna and Shari are to my heart, whether they like it or not… I’m thinking these girls may be stuck with me.  I’m almost at a year when I had my breakdown and although I did not keep in  a constant contact with both Shari and Anna for a few months the Universe kept throwing them back in my face. With that I did have the pleasure to get to know them on a personal level down over at Soccerex in Miami.   What a BLAST!!! If I do say so myself.   I realized that at this event seeing how hard these two worked for all of you/ us was something I wanted to be part of forever.  We have everything we need here to make great people, greater! We are best amongst each and every one of us, so lets kick ass and save this world!!!  Love you girls… Sorry I went there… had too <3 

xo tarriss

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  1. Shari Alyse

    I love you! You are one of the strongest people I know and when I first met you in my course, I knew that! Confirmed by a billion times already. <3 xoxox Love having you in the WU community and as my friend!

  2. Anna Pereira

    The thing about you @tarrisssaurer2 is that you take the hand reaching out to you, climb to the next step on the ladder then extend your hand to help me and others up as well. I can’t say that for too many, to be quite honest. I extend my hand, they grab it and keep going. You are special, rare and a treasure. We and I love you and within 1 year of connecting via that email, I have come to connect with you in person and find you are the genuine article and a deeply motivated woman here to change the world. You are blessed and it’s a blessing to know you! My Friend, WU World-Changer, love you!

  3. Yve Anmore

    Goodness what a post! So heart warming, honest and vulnerable. It’s a testament to you that you reached out when you most needed help and found support and a community that got you through the tough times. Very inspirational on many levels. Love it.