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Below are some suggested titles and topics that are sure to do well! If anything speaks to you, comment and you will be assigned that title.

Premium & Premium Plus Members Opportunity – SUBMIT A MULTI-WEEK SERIES:

Writing a series requires at least 3 posts about 1 topic. Writing a Series is an EXCELLENT WAY to position yourself as an expert in the area you are writing about. Share excerpts from your book, help promote your webinars, classes, and courses! Premium and Premium Plus Members, you get 1 FREE Hyperlink in your article!

*** ALL ARTICLES IN A SERIES MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO the first article publishing. Comment below in this blog with a topic you would like to do a series about and Submit Your Series.

Some TOPICS for a series and inspiration for Sure Fire Hits!:

Astrological Events

Fitness & Nutrition (Got a great recipe?)

An ‘Ultimate Guide’ ‘Top Tips’ ‘How To’ types of blogs

Illnesses & Disorders with remedies for them

Self Transformation, Self Development, Business Development


Alternative & Holistic wellness practices

Excerpts from your book can be used for a series

7 Day Eating Plans for: Detoxing, More Energy, Emotional Well-being, Reducing Cancer Risk Etc.

Below are a mixed bag of suggested titles to inspire you!

CLAIM IT! If you feel called to write on one of the below suggested titles, don’t delay, shout it out in comments below with the # of the title! You will be notified with a reply comment within 48 business hours if you got it. First come, first served.

ALL of the titles suggested are to pull a reader in. All articles are to be written highlighting positive, inspiring, informative or educational content. These are ‘one offs’ and you just need to write on the 1 title. (If you are inspired by a title to write a series, comment below.)

We always welcome blogs that are Holiday, Global Recognition Days, Astrological & Celestial Events. For these time sensitive blogs, you must let Ashley know at least 4 weeks ahead of the event and submit at LEAST 3 Weeks prior. We typically like to publish these a day or two before the event to get your article traction.

  1. Spring Dish You Should Try (Please include a recipe)
  2. Edibles In Your Backyard (flowers, herbs, etc.) – Photos of plants are great addition!
  3. Homemade Tea Recipes
  4. Botanicals that Soothe & Heal
  5. Delicious & Nutritious _____________________(Please fill in the blank within your comment below. This can be a focus on a specific food or recipe. Either way, please include a recipe)
  6. Staycation Ideas for Couples
  7. Staycation Ideas for Families
  8. ANY Numerology/Astrology/Celestial Events for End of May through July welcome ASAP – please comment below what it is and when it’s happening. (Multiple authors can claim writing on different topics/themes/happenings)
  9. Carcinogens in Our Food
  10. This is making you sick! (Toxic items, foods, thinking, etc.)
  11. Case Studies for Alternative Medicine (Please give us the issue/disease and what method was used within your comment below) MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS from various Authors accepted
  12. Case Studies for Therapy (Please give us the issue/disease and what method was used within your comment below) MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS from various Authors accepted
  13. 10 Chemical Free Cleaning Tips
  14. Gardening Tips
  15. 5 Exercises that Take You Outdoors – Amanda Ajoke Onitiju
  16. 10 Weekend Getaway Ideas to Refuel
  17. 5 Fascinating Facts About _______________ (Could be a food, exercise, animal, the body, communication, business, just about ANYTHING that is interesting) 
  18. Top 5 Alternative Practices that Work – Dr. Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD

  19. How I made a Comeback from: __________ (fill in the blank in your comment below) multiple authors/articles accepted
  20. Why are You Still Sick?
  21. 10 Tips to Optimal Wellness
  22. Basics to Organic Gardening
  23. Top 3 Items to Grow in Your Kitchen Garden
  24. 5 Keys to Beat Loneliness
  25. 5 Inspired Ways to Get Your Exercise
  26. 5 Natural Remedies for Pain & Inflammation
  27. Tips to Outsmarting Your Procrastinating Self
  28. Start Healthy Today – 5 Tips
  29. Visualization Exercise: Calming Anxiety – Mateja Petje, MS, LMFT
  30. Visualization Exercise: Soothing Emotional Pain
  31. Visualization Exercise: Relaxation
  32. Visualization Exercise: Creating Space
  33. Visualization Exercise: Heartbreak Recovery – Joy Andreasen
  34. Visualization Exercise: Thought Stability/Making Decisions
  35. Visualization Exercise: Shifting Patterns
  36. Visualization Exercise: Releasing Old Beliefs
  37. Visualization Exercise: Building Confidence – Moira Hutchison

  38. Visualization Exercise: ________________ (fill in the blank)
  39. Tuning Into Your Inner Child – Paul Hellwig
  40. How You Can Appreciate the Journey
  41. Fixing Your Flaws
  42. 20 Tips to be More Confident
  43. You are Worthy! 10 Tips for Self-Love
  44. 20 Money Saving Tips
  45. Simplify and Enjoy Life: 10 Tips
  46. Allowing Blessings to Unfold
  47. 10 Ways to Invite Prosperity – Rosemary Knight
  48. Long Term Benefits of Less Stress
  49. 5 Ways to Exit Emotional Rollercoasters  
  50. Triggers & Responses – Rachael Taylor

  51. Summer DIY Projects
  52. DIY Projects with Your Kids
  53. DIY Projects for Couples
  54. DIY Projects for Non Creative People
  55. Personal Safety Tips
  56. Coping Skills: Dealing with Illness
  57. Coping Skills: Dealing with Tragedy
  58. Coping Skills: Dealing with Life Change
  59. Coping Skills: Dealing with Unexpected News
  60. How Hypnotherapy Can Aid _______________(Please fill in the blank within your comment below) Moira Hutchison/Coping with Life Changes

  61. Get Reiki for Your Pet! – Mary Blake

  62. Pet Therapy
  63. How Animals Provide Therapy for ____________(Please fill in the blank within your comment below)
  64. Embrace Stress Free Living
  65. Aromatherapy: 10 Benefits
  66. Make Your All Natural, Toxic Free _________________(Skincare, cleaner, etc Please fill in the blank within) your comment below)
  67. 20 Tiny Tips that Keep You on Task
  68. 20 Tiny Tips for a Healthy Alternatives
  69. 20 Tiny Tips that Lead to Networking Success
  70. 10 Tiny Tips that Help you Save Money
  71. 10 Tiny Tips that Help you Save Time
  72. 10 Tiny Tips that Help you Reduce Waste
  73. What are Investors Looking for These Days? Getting Funded
  74. 5 Ways a Pet Positively Impacts Your Family
  75. 5 Ideas to Invite Birds Into your Backyard
  76. 10 Ways to Be More Positive – Kristin Craft

  77. My Family Tradition:________ (Fill in the blank)
  78. The Best Recipe for __________________
  79. A Vegan Twist on ___________________ (Your favorite recipe welcome! Multiple authors welcome with unique recipes)
  80. 10 Ways to Volunteer With Value (suggest unconventional ways like doing a workshop for the Girlscouts)
  81. Delicious High Protein Vegetarian Recipes
  82. How Much Should We Get of Each Vitamin & Mineral?
  83. Pair it Up for The Greatest Health Boost (What vitamins/minerals/herbs/spices work together to give the best health benefits?)
  84. 20 Tips to Increase Your Self Confidence
  85. 5 Tips to See Through Lies
  86. Is it Really Healthy? ___________ (fill in the blank)
  87. 5 Benefits of Giving & Receiving Compliments
  88. Home Made Natural Remedies (This can be for health issues, skincare, hair care, cuts and scrapes, etc. *When claiming this, please note in your comment WHAT your remedy will cure. Multiple authors welcome for different issues, etc.)
  89. Can Meditation Cure Disease? 
  90. Tips for Releasing Toxic Relationships – Rachael Taylor

  91. Tips for Releasing Toxic Habits
  92. Embody Confidence 5 Simple Tips
  93. How to Forgive the Unforgivable – Kristin Craft

  94. My Disease _________ & How I Cope (Open to share your issues to inspire more humility & understanding? We welcome articles from multiple authors for various issues.)
  95. Caring for Aging Parents
  96. My ‘Friend’ Always Has an Issue (This can be tips for self care, boundaries and advice to keep a healthy friendship)
  97. 10 Hacking Prevention Tips (online safety)
  98. 10 Natural Cleaning Products
  99. 5 Natural Hair Care Remedies (and what they alleviate)
  100. 10 Tips & Natural Remedies (please note in comments what they are for. ie Skin, Hair, Inflammation, PMS, Stress, etc.)
  101. Autoimmune Disease: A Holistic Approach to Health
  102. Thyroid Issues? How to know
  103. Top 3 Life Hacks from _____________(Your Name) – Multiple authors welcome for individual articles.
  104. 10 Tips to Stop Shaming Yourself
  105. 10 Tips to Share Kindness – NANCY STEVENS

  106. Family Fun Ideas on a Budget
  107. Getting Over Him (or Her) Today
  108. My Journey with _________________ & What I Learned (Many WUVIPs can do this title as long as topics are different)
  109. Best Advice I Ever Got on _______________ (Fill in the blank)
  110. Do You Recognize Your Symptoms? Exploring __________________
  111. The Worst Decision That Changed My Life
  112. When Everyone Tells You ________________ (you’re too aggressive, you’re a perfectionist, etc.)
  113. Look Into the Benefits of ______________ (fill in the blank ie: Nature, an herb or food, a practice, etc. Note in comments below what _________ is.) 
  114. 5 Tips to Release Heartbreak
  115. 5 Foods That Literally Melt Fat
  116. 30 Affirmations for June – Joy Andreasen
  117. What Made Me Decide it Was Time For Me to _____________( fill in the blank)
  118. Did you know __________?
  119. 5 Fascinating Facts About _________________
  120. 5 Alternative Natural Remedies to Medication for _____________________(fill in the blank: mirages, pain, high blood pressure, etc.)
  121. The Miracle Herb ____________________ (fill in the blank)
  122. 5 Reasons to Cook at Home
  123. Meal Planning Benefits – Ann Musico
  124. Write about any food and 10 Benefits – Example: 10 Health Benefits of Blueberries 
  125. When is the Right Time to Tell Your Child ______________?
  126. Travel Tips to Stay Safe
  127. Holiday Road Trip: 5 Tips
  128. Self Defense Moves for Children
  129. Self Defense Moves for Women
  130. Self Defense Moves for Seniors
  131. Advice to Give Your Kids to Stay Safe (We all have heard, don’t walk next to a white van, so what can YOU tell parents to keep their children safer?)
  132. Support for Caregivers
  133. 1 NLP Technique for Prosperity
  134. Increase Success with NLP
  135. NLP Public Speaking Tips
  136. How to Create a New Anchor with NLP
  137. 10 Tips to Love Your Inner Goddess
  138. 5 Signs You Have an Addiction to __________________ (Please list in comments below what you are filling in the blank with. Ex: Working out, Sex, Food, etc.) Vanessa Kredler/Food

  139. 10 Tips to be More Confident
  140. 5 Tips to Be Empowered and Confident
  141. 5 Natural Remedies for ________________ (Please list in comments below what you are filling in the blank with. ‘Heartburn’ has been claimed)
  142. 5 Tips to Eliminate Pain Naturally
  143. 10 Tips for Rehabilitating a Broken Heart
  144. Ultimate Guide to Self Love
  145. Living Pain Free
  146. Over 40? 10 Wellness Habits Women Can No Longer Avoid
  147. How to Get Organized
  148. How to Save Money
  149. How to Safely Deal with an Obsessive Person
  150. Walking on Eggshells? Communication Tips
  151. 10 Tips to Feel and Look Younger
  152. Is Technology Changing Our Chemistry?
  153. Have You Tried ____________? (This can be an exercise, food, technique, etc. Explain what it is and the benefits/ Multiple authors welcome)  Natalie Perez/Yoga Nidra
  154. What is EFT & How to Get Grounded
  155. What is EFT & How to Eliminate Anxiety
  156. What is EFT & How to Increase Joy
  157. What is EFT & How to Reduce Grief
  158. What is EFT & How to Reduce Pain
  159. My Secret ______________
  160. You Can Stop ___________ Here’s How!
  161. 5 Sleep Remedies and Tools
  162. 20 Ways to Stay Encouraged
  163. (An Illness) ____________ What is it & How to Treat (Multiple Authors for this one! Please note the illness in comments and please do not duplicate another author’s illness)
  164. 20 Tips to Finding Balance
  165. Do you know these signs of Dementia?
  166. The Amazing Healing Benefits of _______________ (Music, Nature, Forgiveness, Etc. Please fill in the blank. Multiple Authors welcome with different topics) Ann Musico/Forgiveness 
  167. Hypo/Hyper Thyroidism – Symptoms, Effects & Remedies
  168. Healing on a Soul (or Spiritual) Level for Optimal Health
  169. Healing on a Soul (or Spiritual) Level for Pain Free Living
  170. How to Come Back from Rock Bottom
  171. My _____ is Out of Control! 10 Help Tips (Multiple authors with different topics welcome. In your comment below, specify what you will fill in the blank with. Ex.: Dog, Thyroid, Weight, Spending, Child, Addiction etc.) 
  172. How to identify if my child is ________________ (Fill in the blank: Being abused, Bullied, Depressed, etc.)
  173. What is Prosperity & How to Have More of it.
  174. Everyday Money Saving Tips
  175. Time Saving Tips for Parents
  176. Time Saving Tips for Busy People – Elizabeth Clark
  177. Love After Infidelity
  178. Getting Off Prescription Drugs 
  179. What are Reiki & the Chakras?
  180. 5 Top Healing Practices Dating Back 1000+ Years
  181. How Energy Work Works – Angelica Rose
  182. Top 10 Reasons Why Reiki is Used
  183. Healing Your Chakras with _______________ (Fill in the blank in your comment. ie. Breath Work, Visualization, sound healing, yoga, etc.)
  184. Crystals: How to use the power of ______________ (fill in the blank in your comment below)
  185. It’s Weird, Beautiful and Edible! (List of things [flowers, etc.] that are edible)
  186. Alone in the World: Tips to Beat Feeling Lonely
  187. Depression: 10 Tips to Fight it

May is           Month: (If you are doing an Awareness post, please mention in your comment below and submission to Ashley it is TIME SENSITIVE) 

American Stroke Awareness Month (promoted by the National Stroke Association)

Arthritis Awareness Month

Better Hearing and Speech Month

National Celiac Disease Awareness Month

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

Clean Air Month

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

Healthy Vision Month

Hepatitis Awareness Month

Lupus Awareness Month (promoted by the Lupus Foundation of America)

National Mediterranean Diet Month

Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

Mental Health Month

National High Blood Pressure Education Month

Older Americans Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month

Preeclampsia Awareness Month

Ultraviolet Awareness Month

Food Allergy Awareness Week (second full week of May)

Food Allergy Action Month

National Women’s Health Week (begins on Mother’s Day)

National Alcohol- and Other Drug-Related Birth Defects Awareness Week (begins on Mother’s Day)

National Neuropathy Awareness Week (second full week of May)

National Senior Health Fitness Day (last Wednesday of May)

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day (May 20)

Global Youth Traffic Safety Month

National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

National Stuttering Awareness Week (May 9-15)

National Neuropathy Awareness Week (May 12-16)

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day (May 18)

National Asian and Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (May 19)

National Hurricane Preparedness Week (May 22-28)

Healthy and Safe Swimming Week (May 23-29)

Don’t Fry Day (May 27)

Heat Safety Awareness Day (May 27)

World No Tobacco Day (May 31)

Thank you to HealthLine for this list!

Please feel free to suggest a title below.

As a best practice, your blog will post on the date Ashley gives you. Please be sure to share your blog and respond to ALL comments the day it posts. We collectively create the WU blog and we ALL contribute to its success.

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  1. Victoria Shaw

    I would love to take “You are Worthy! 10 Tips for Self-Love” but I probably won’t be ready to do it before mid-June. Can I reserve it now or should I wait until the next call and hope something similar comes up?

    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Hi @victoriashaw I would wait until you can do it. We like to receive submissions 2 weeks from the claim/assign date to schedule the article. We have about 2 -3 weeks of wait time currently for scheduling. If you find you can do it sooner, come back and claim 🙂

  2. Nancy Stevens

    Hello Anna, I would like #105 if available! I really like #146 – but know I do not have time to submit this as well in May. Is this something I could submit in June or later. This to me is important and I would want to spend more time on this one.

    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Hi @nancystevens #105 has been assigned and that is due within 2 weeks to get scheduled. We will leave #146 and if no one claims, please do so at the end of the month. If it does get claimed we can always rename as we have a huge audience of 30 -60 yr old women so anything that you write for this audience is welcome. It can be “3 Positive Habits if you are over 30” you get the gist 🙂 We can be creative “40+ and Fabulous! 4 Everyday Wellness Tips” I can come up with these all day 😉 If you have an article idea you are more than welcome to write it when it’s good for you and submit whenever. We take random submissions all the time too <3

  3. Diane Boyko Achatz

    Hi! I just wrote a blog last night based on one of the transformational coaching method paradigms that I titled “Winning Your Game”. The paradigm is that everyone is winning the game they are playing. I’d love to submit it to WU.

    I’d also like to write a blog for National Neuropathy Awareness Week as I have diabetic neuropathy and have participated in a neuropathy conference that my podiatrist sponsored. Thanks!

    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Hello @dianeboykoachatz – these are wonderful! Yes please submit them to Ashley via the Submit and Article tab in your profile. Please make a note in the submission it is time sensitive for the second blog. Aslo, id you published your first suggestion, you need to wait 30 days to have it published on WU, and let Ashley know that in your submission as well, if need be.

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Kipp

    I went and submitted a blog directly to the “Submit” place. I never heard back. This is the third time I have submitted a blog but not heard back. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Hi, Elizabeth

      Thank you for reaching out. I looked through my inbox and the only submission that I have from you is one that was submitted on May 2nd, in which I sent a reply to not long ago. I had gotten a bit behind on my replies, so I do apologize for the delay in my response. I did let you know your scheduled date of feature for that submission in the email I sent.

      In regards to the previous submissions that you mentioned, I do not believe I received those, as I am not finding anything else from you in my inbox. I do recall that you submitted an article that was Winter related, but due to the time sensitivity factor of needing to be published in the colder months, I was unable to use it since we were already publishing Spring articles. I still have it in safe keeping for when the colder months come back around. 🙂

      I hope this clears up any of the mix-up.

      Thank you!


  5. Diane Boyko Achatz

    I am going to submit a blog about Neuropathy Awareness. I’d like to do another blog about Neuropathy and Fibromyalgia. May is also Fibromyalgia Awareness Month, but since we are almost at the half-way point of the month, would I be able to submit this blog in the future? Thanks!


    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Hi, @kennethjohnson

      That would be great! If you can submit your article in the next 1-2 days (the sooner the better), I can guarantee a publication date of May 25th for your time-sensitive content. Please email me at [email protected] once you’ve submitted your article submission form so I can send it right off to our editor for proofreading and expedite your feature.

      Please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


  6. Kristin Craft

    Hi WU team! I’ve got more to share on Positivity and Forgiveness so I am claiming #76 – 10 Ways to Be More Positive and #93 – How to Forgive the Unforgivable. Thank you!