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JULY FOCUS: Nutrition, Physical Wellness, Environmental Blogs. Family, relationship and summer related articles.

Below are some suggested titles and topics that are sure to do well! If anything speaks to you, comment and you will be assigned that title.

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Onto the Inspiration!


Writing a series requires at least 3 posts about 1 topic. Writing a Series is an EXCELLENT WAY to position yourself as an expert in the area you are writing about. Here is an example of a series written by Pamela Dussault. Notice how it is great content and she links her webinars.

*** ALL ARTICLES IN A SERIES NEED TO BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO the first article publishing. Comment below in this blog with a topic you would like to do a series about and Submit Your Series.

Some TOPICS for inspiration:

Astrological Events

Fitness & Nutrition (Got a great recipe?)

An ‘Ultimate Guide’ ‘Top Tips’ ‘How To’ types of blogs

Illnesses & Disorders with remedies for them

Self Transformation, Self Development, Business Development


Alternative & Holistic wellness practices

Excerpts from your book can be used for a series

7 Day Eating Plans for: Detoxing, More Energy, Emotional Well-being, Reducing Cancer Risk Etc.

Below are a mixed bag of suggested titles to inspire you! 

If you feel called to write on one of these, don’t delay, shout it out! You will be notified via a tag and reply comment if you got it. First come, first served. ALL of the titles suggested are to pull a reader in. All articles are to be written highlighting positive, inspiring, informative or educational content. These are ‘one offs’ and you just need to write on the 1 title. (If you are inspired by a title to write a series, comment below)

We always welcome blogs that are Holiday, Global Recognition Days, Astrological & Celestial Events. For these time sensitive blogs, you must let Ashley know 2-3 weeks ahead of time and submit at LEAST 2 Weeks prior. We typically like to publish these a day or two before the event to get you traction.


Do you have a Recipe of The Month? Mindfulness Tip of The Month? Fitness Tip of The Month? Random Act of Kindness of The Month? Get the idea? Commit to a monthly spot for a “————— of The Month” with your idea below in comments! If approved, we will give you that topic and slot each month. 

Comment Below with the # of the blog you wish to claim and submit ASAP once it has been assigned. We will put your name next to the title and reply to your comment.

  1. Allergies & Natural Remedies
  2. 10 Foods as Toxic as Poison
  3. Homemade Ice Cream Recipes Including Dairy Free
  4. Transitioning to Vegan? 3 Satisfying Recipes – Anesa McCleanon Parker

  5. Delicious High Protein Salad Recipes
  6. This 1 Food Cures Almost Any Illness
  7. Is it Love?
  8. The Health Benefits of Giving & Receiving Love
  9. How to Fix a Mistake
  10. 7 Practices to Learning to Trust Again
  11. How to Keep Family Values & Traditions in a Modern Age
  12. Is Your Decor Zapping Your Energy?
  13. 5 Tips to Get More Out of 24 Hours – Dawn MacLaughlin
  14. Home Made Natural Remedies (This can be for bug bites, skincare, hair care, cuts and scrapes, for summer induced issues) – Whitney Closson
  15. When no-one understands your depression
  16. My Disease _________ & How I Cope (Open to share your issues to inspire more humility & understanding? We welcome articles from multiple authors for various issues.)
  17. Easing the Suffering of a Loved One
  18. Silent Suffering: Not Just a Woman’s Issue
  19. My ‘Friend’ Always Has an Issue (This can be tips for self care, boundaries and advice to keep a healthy friendship)
  20. Finding Balance as a Working Parent
  21. CANCER: A Holistic Approach to Prevention Anyone Can Do
  22. 10 Foods That Improve Your Mood
  23. 15 Secrets to True Love
  24. 15 Secrets to Live Your Passion
  25. 15 Secrets to Have More Confidence
  26. Momma Never Told You ….
  27. Facing a Messy Reality: 10 Ways to Take Control of Your Life – Debi Silber, MS, RD, WHC, FDN
  28. 10 Creative Ways to Make a Business from Your Natural Talents
  29. Nature Walks & Poisonous Plants
  30. 10 Romantic Inspirations for Your Relationship
  31. Family Fun Time on a Budget
  32. 7 Affirmations for Self-love – Samantha C-Panopoulos
  33. Summer Activities for You & The Kids
  34. Connecting with Your Inner Goddess – Lisa Lundgren

  35. Boost Confidence: 10 Tips – Savvy Raj
  36. Getting Over Him (or Her) Today
  37. My Journey with _________________ & What I Learned (Many WUVIPs can do this title as long as topics are different) 
  38. The Secrets of the Top 3 Healthiest Countries – Jennie Ann Freiman MD

  39. Best Advice My Mom Gave Me
  40. Do You Recognize Your Symptoms? Exploring __________________ 
  41. The Shocking Truth About Dining Out, Even at Top Restaurants
  42. Inflammation Causing Your Illness? 5 Tips – Jacqueline Walburn
  43. Wellness Woo-Woo?
  44. Health Tonic Recipe
  45. Feel Good Tea Recipe – Ann Musico

  46. It Nearly Killed Me (This could be a physical or emotional topic)
  47. When Everyone Tells You ________________ 
  48. A New Me in the Wake of Grief
  49. 5 ‘Tells’ To Know if They are Lying
  50. Rushing Into Another Relationship?
  51. When Crisis Hits
  52. Drop the Dream or Get to Your Goal Now
  53. How to Leave Without Hurting Their Feelings
  54. Addictive Behaviors & How to Stop
  55. Being a Better Listener, So YOU are Heard – Moira Hutchison
  56. Focus on The Positive & Attract A Better Life – Donna Burgher
  57. Glorious Gardening – 5 Non-Toxic Remedies to Yard Pests (This can include bugs and weeds, etc.)
  58. Inviting Birds into Your Backyard 
  59. 5 Foods That Literally Melt Fat
  60. Skin Cancer Reality Check & How to Avoid – Mary Blake
  61. Purifying Your Energy by Purging Negative Thoughts
  62. The Reality of Addiction and Recovery
  63. What Made Me Decide it Was Time (For me to be me, for me to leave, etc.)
  64. Did you know __________? 
  65. Good or Bad, Nothing is Permanent
  66. 10 Rules to Be Your Own Boss
  67. Key Phrases to Superior Communication
  68. The Definition of Success
  69. Backyard Dangers (This can be about poisonous plants, play areas for children, etc. Including photos or video recommended)
  70. When is the Right Time to Tell Your Child?
  71. Is a Summer Fling Okay?
  72. 5 Things to Always Carry in Your Handbag
  73. Travel Tips to Get the Most out of Your Vacation
  74. They Cheated: Staying Together After Infidelity
  75. Strength Training for The Beginner – Todd Parker
  76. Getting Back Into Physical Activity
  77. 5 Unspoken Benefits of Exercise – Amanda Ajoke Onitiju
  78.  3 Tips to Stop Thinking You are Undeserving – Jenny Mannion

  79. What is EFT & Why Does It Work? – Wendy Mackowski

  80. 1 NLP Technique You Need Now – Dru Ann Welch

  81. Calming the Rage
  82. I Thought I Could Never Love Me
  83. Recognizing Emotional Triggers & Tips to Control Negative Responses – Dru Ann Welch

  84. 10 Mindful Tips You Need Now
  85. 30 Ways to be Happy – Kelly Prentice
  86. 30 Ways to be Confident
  87. 5 Natural Remedies for ________________
  88. 5 Tips to Eliminate Pain
  89. Ultimate Guide to Pure Joy
  90. Ultimate Guide to Self Love
  91. Ultimate Guide to Saying No
  92. Ultimate Guide to Living Your Dreams
  93. Ultimate Guide to Life Balance
  94. What is ‘Awareness’ & How it Changes Your Life – Donna Burgher
  95. Fix Broken Thinking
  96. 5 Healthy Habits Anyone Can Do – Amanda Ajoke Onitiju
  97. Prevention is the ‘New’ Cure
  98. Stop Losing & Gaining Weight: 10 Tips
  99. Sabotaged! 5 Ways to Stop Killing Your Success
  100. How to Cope with Betrayal
  101. How to Drop Emotional Baggage
  102. How to Get Organized
  103. How to Save Money
  104. How to Start a Business
  105. How to Detox Negative Thinking
  106. Age Appropriate Answers for Curious Children
  107. 5 Unique Ways to Say ‘Thank You’  
  108. 10 Pay it Forward Ideas – Kathleen Boucher
  109. We All Make the World a Better Place – Benjamin Bingham

  110. Your Bubble: 5 Step Exit Strategy
  111. 30 Day Plan to Exit Your Comfort Zone
  112. 30 Tips to Lose Weight Naturally  – Dawn MacLaughlin
  113. Letting Go of People Who Drag You Down – Debra Oakland

  114. Doormat Syndrome? Stop Suffering Now
  115. You are Amazing! How to Accept Love
  116. Is Reversing The Aging Process Possible?
  117. The Best Pet for Your Personality
  118. The Best Exercise for Your Personality
  119. 10 Tips to Reignite Intimacy 
  120. Floating Apart? 10 Tips to Connect 
  121. Addicts. Victims or Bad People? – Carina Ghionzoli
  122. Obsessed With Skinny – Caitlin Boyd
  123. Being Better
  124. Feeling Your Best Through Spiritual Practice – Janette Stuart
  125. Is Technology Changing Our Chemistry?
  126. Have You Tried ____________? (This can be an exercise, food, technique, etc. Explain what it is and the benefits) 
  127. My Secret ______________ (To Living a Passionate Life) – Sharon Smith
  128. You Can Stop ___________ Here’s How!
  129. It’s All in Your Mind – Lisa Lundgren

  130. There is Nothing Wrong With You – Moira Hutchison
  131. How to Stop Worrying – Rajan Narayanaswamy
  132. 5 Tips to Relax – Monique Wilson
  133. Sleep for a Full 7 Hours. Here’s How
  134. Stress, Anxiety, Panic. The Differences & How to Reduce (This can be a series)
  135. Why is My Child Acting Out?
  136. How Positive Reinforcement Works
  137. Is Holding Back Your Emotions Healthy? – Ilene Dillon

  138. How to Rebuild Your Self-Esteem After Divorce – Rosalind Sedacca

  139. Feeling Your Best Through Mindful Movement – Jennifer Wilson
  140. The new addiction (smart phones, tablets, laptops – Oh my!) – Donna Burgher

  141. Unplug this summer! Enjoy 15+ Fun Activities for parents, teens, and kids to raise their vibration! – Donna Burgher

  142. 5 Tips to Eliminate Pain from Poor Posture – Zeena Dhalla

  143. Raising Straight kids in a Gay world – Dianna Curren

Please feel free to suggest a title below.

As a best practice, your blog will post on the date Ashley gives you so please be sure to share your blog and respond to comments. We collectively create the WU blog AND we all contribute to its success.

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  1. Benjamin Bingham

    Can I claim #109 We all make the world a better place? I would combine excerpts from my book Making Money Matter and a You Tube Video of a song I wrote: The World Needs You!

  2. Dawn MacLaughlin

    I’d like to claim #13: 5 tips to get more out of 24 hours. I’m also interested in #112, but 30 tips feels like a lot. Preferring quality over quantity, would you be interested in 10-20?

    1. Ashley Brewer

      Hi, Dawn

      I have you down for both #13 and #112. Yes, if you feel your article would be more well-written with lesser tips, focus on 10-20 tips instead of 30 ? Once I receive your article submissions via the form, I will confirm your scheduled date of feature ❤️

  3. Donna Burgher

    Hi 🙂

    I would like #56 Focus on The Positive & Attract A Better Life
    #94 What is ‘Awareness’ & How it Changes Your Life
    and I would like to suggest this but I am open to a different title –
    The new addiction – smart phones, tablets, laptops – Oh my!
    Unplug this summer! Enjoy 15+ Fun Activities for parents, teens, and kids to raise their vibration!

    Thank you
    🙂 Donna

    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Hi Donna! Excellent 🙂 @ashleybrewer will work on the titles with you to come up with something shorter, but those topics are Fab! You have been assigned all and Ashley will work with you on due dates. Please do the summer one first ASAP.
      Thank you!

  4. Zeena Dhalla

    Hi there are great ideas. I would like to work on #88 and elaborate on it a bit more. I would like to write “5 Tips to Eliminate Pain from Poor Posture”. Let me know if this interests you!

  5. Ilene Dillon

    Hi, Ashley,
    Is #137 taken? “Is Holding Back Your Emotions Healthy?” It’s a great follow-on for me.
    I’d also like to propose a monthly spot on “Wellness Through Your Emotions.” Interested?

  6. Sharon Smith

    No 56 Focus on The Positive & Attract A Better Life if it is still available.

    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Hi @lisalundgren – they have been assigned to you 🙂

      Don’t forget, your bio needs to be completed to have an article published on the blog. Here is help:

      Test what your profile looks like to people visiting WU: Log out of your account, and visit your profile as someone visiting by entering your first name in the Gold & Indigo search bar and going to your profile.


  7. Dr. Jeanine Joy

    I would like “The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Restoring Your Mental Health.”

    I will create a series of articles addressing a wide variety of specifics in this blog series including dealing with emotions, causes of emotions, emotion regulation, advanced and transformative stress management skills.

    Thank you.

    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Sounds like a powerful and amazing series! Thank you @jeaninejoy
      Please connect with @ashleybrewer to schedule the series. All blogs in a series must be submitted prior to the first one publishing. Based on her calendar, she will let you know when she would need to have them all to start publishing.

      Thank you!

  8. Orly Amor

    Hey WU
    I have a Series I would like to Start with Called -Your Mind Does Not Know The Difference : The 12 Statements to remove/change in your vocabulary while Thinking and Speaking. This is an Excerpt from my book coming out in the fall “The Twelve Powers We Hold Within – The Ultimate Paradigm Shift.” The Series will cover one of the Chapters. Looking forward to sharing.

  9. Anesa McCleanon Parker

    Hi WU,
    I would like to work on #4 Transitioning to Vegan? 3 Satisfying Recipes
    Thank you.

  10. Wendy Mackowski

    If it’s still available I’ll take #79–What is EFT and Why does it work? I actually have two articles “EFT tapping: 5 Reasons To Try It Now!” and also, “EFT tapping: 5 Reasons People Don’t Try It!” Should I submit them both instead as a series, or rewrite them into one article with your title? I am new here, so how often can we submit articles?

    Thank you, Anna!

    1. The Wellness Universe Post author

      Hi @wendymackowski – #79 is yours 🙂 You can submit as often as you like, and Ashley will schedule several weeks apart. You can submit your other articles as long as they have 1. Not been published elsewhere or 2. Has been at least 30 days since published. It’s your call, please see the word count guideline. Looking forward to welcoming you on as an author!

  11. Suzanne Kane

    Hello, Ashley:

    I submitted a suggestion for a 4-part series several days ago, but I don’t see this anywhere on the site. So, here’s my suggestion again. I’d like to write a series about time: time-saving tips for early risers, my 10 favorite ways to waste time, 10 biggest daily time wasters, and 7 tips to use time wisely. Can I get an OK? All the articles have already been written. Just need the go-ahead to post.



    1. Ashley Brewer

      Hi, Suzanne

      Thank you for reaching out. If you ever need to get in touch with me in regards to a blog question, please email me at [email protected]. Anna is typically the one that fields this thread day to day, so the blog’s inbox is the best way to get in touch with me.

      That being said, I sent you a reply email to the email you sent to me this morning.


  12. Dru Ann Welch

    Good morning! If I can still choose and submit I would like #80 1 NLP technique you need now and #83 Recognizing Emotional triggers and tips to control negative response. Thank you for these amazing opportinities!

  13. Mary Blake

    Hi Anna,
    As a skin cancer “poster child,” I would like #60-Skin Cancer Reality Check & How to Avoid. I can include photos and advice for choosing sunscreen. Thanks!

  14. Carina Ghionzoli


    I’d like to do a series on , “Is reversing the ageing process possible?” with real time examples of work dome with myself and others, or perhaps a monthly spot?
    Where I will investigate and discover the reversal of the ageing process, an organ at the time!
    Thank you

    and #121 addicts victims or bad people.

    Thank you for your feedback


  15. Moira Hutchison

    Hello there <3,
    These are great titles and topics… may I claim two of them:
    55. Being a Better Listener, So YOU are Heard and
    130. There is Nothing Wrong With You


    1. Ashley Brewer

      Sure thing, Moira.

      Please submit them via the article submission form as soon as you have them completed and then I can confirm your scheduled date of feature. 🙂


  16. Bernadette Eata

    Hi Ashley!

    There are all very great titles and topics, although, I have some topics of my own that I would love to share and write about. My topics apply to multiple titles listed, so it’s kind of hard for me to choose.

    Is there some way we can message each other so you can go over my ideas and tell me what you think?

    Much love,


    1. Anna Pereira

      Hello @bernadetteeata you are welcome to submit anything that follows the guidelines via the Submit an Article form. We welcome all contributions and will let you know if and when they will get published. Typically, if you are looking to submit on topics or title that are not suggested, you are welcome to go ahead and submit. We typically are open to all members’ submissions 🙂

      1. Teri Buckner

        Hi Ashley… Great! We’d love to do a callabo with you! That would be awesome sauce. Do you have a due date… or do we just submit it with the form when we have it done in a few days?