Is sugar addiction keeping you hungry and tired?

 I have a confession to make. Many years ago, I was a bit of a sugar and carb addict…

I needed coffee (loaded with sugar) to get through my morning. I reached for tea with sugar and chocolate every afternoon. And at night, I’d sit in front of the TV eating whatever my treat of choice was at the time – popcorn, chips, cookies. Because I was exercising a lot the extra sugar didn’t look like much on the scale. At the time, I didn’t realize HOW sugar was impacting me.

I knew I was tired and I struggled with my weight, but I didn’t know it was connected to my sugar consumption.

Do you happen to think all calories were equal. Is there really a difference between eating a bagel vs. an apple with almond butter?

There’s so much conflicting information out there about food these days that it can get pretty darn confusing to figure out what to eat to lose weight.

If you’ve been battling with your weight, I want to help you pinpoint WHY that may be happening, so you can stop struggling and finally release those excess pounds.

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