En-Courage you

Find Courage in enCouragement.

We sometimes need help finding our courage to change, leap into a new situation or relationship, or even to speak up for ourselves. Looking to others, such as therapists, life coaches, Reiki Masters, Intuitive Guides and others, can help us find our courage. Those of us who are in a “helping” speciality, are here for encouragement. Encouragement IS the technique for finding Courage, as it is one and the same. Seeking encouragement, options, suggestions and more, can help you find the courage you are needing to do what you wish or need to do. Encouragement is helping you, help yourself. 

I find in many of the sessions I provide for others whether it’s Reiki, Akashic Records or Intuitive Guidance, I am encouraging others to heal and help themselves, and I am assisting them in the process. Looking to others is a sign of strength. Strength and courage go hand-in-hand. Finding your strength to seek help for healing, change, growth and more, cultivates and brings forth your courage. It takes courage to seek help, to show our family & friends, or a complete stranger our wounds, vulnerabilities or pains. Yet, it is within these feelings we can learn, transform and awaken our courage and strength to do exactly what is in our highest interest on our life path.

If I can help you in your life, healing process or to find your courage, I’d be honored to “Awaken a more brilliant version of you™”.

Namaste! ~ Heather 

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