The Experience You Need

You are having the experience you need.

This experience right now is the one you need for your soul’s evolution. In each moment of time, whether we are joyful & peaceful or uncomfortable in any way is an experience we need for the evolution of our soul. Being open and aware to what is happening and how it is making us feel, especially when uncomfortable or in a situation we do not necessarily like, allows us to learn. We can determine why we are having the feelings we are having; recognize our participation – or lack thereof – and what this means; and work through any old issues which may arise helping us to heal. When we act with love & compassion towards ourselves and anyone in the situation instead of reacting, becoming defensive or any other “negative” characteristic, we can understand we are exactly where we need to be to learn, heal, grow and transform. This leads to our soul’s evolution, creating more wisdom for our next experience in each moment.

I’d be honored to help you evolve & “Awaken a more brilliant version of you™”!

Namaste! ~ Heather 

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