The Shift of LIFE!

Wow!  What exciting days we live in!  We each play an important role of what is unfolding in the Universe!  We don’t #Shift because of what is going on in the world.  The World #SHIFTS… because of “Who” we are!  We are right in the middle of a Revolution and major “Awakening” happening in the Earth!  People are coming “Awake” and realizing who they really are!  We are letting go of old mindsets, patterns, and ways that have prevented us from growing, maturing, and have prevented us from coming fully Alive!  People are learning to live from a place of “Being”, rather than being trapped in the identifications of the mind.  Yes, it is a #Shift in Consciousness. (Presence).  I feel it is part of my sphere of influence and authority to help people #Shift to live from a place of “BE”-ing, experiencing more joy, peace, better health, and well-being.  Life comes from Life!  Life comes from God!  We live, and move, and have our Being in Him.  We are learning to live from a place of Presence…and bringing this presence, power, Life, and Love into every aspect of our lives and into the world.  We are indeed “World Changers!”  I am happy to be on this journey with you!  It’s not always easy.  On a personal note… It has been 2 years now, since I was diagnosed with aggressive cervical cancer.  God led me on a journey of healing by natural means, and today, I am 100% healed!  I chose not to undergo chemo, radiation, or a radical hysterectomy.  God uses my testimony and experience to help others in learning that cancer can be stopped and reversed!  I am living proof!  It’s quite a long story, and I plan on writing a book about this journey very soon.  I am on fire, and full of passion and purpose in being an administrator and facilitator of this #Shift of Life!  That is a good title for what is going on…. “Shift of Life”.   You can find me at  or, on my “Community Page” on Facebook at: Https://    I look forward to connecting with you!  Best wishes for you on this journey of Life!  May it be full of joy, love, peace, and overcoming Grace!   ~Rhonda Hendricks/ Life Coach, Writer

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